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Hydra ram type Injection Moulding Machines

Salient Standard Features of Ram Type Machines :
  • Direct hydraulic clamp minimizing maintenance and hence down time
  • Large Clamping Ram size for more pressing area over mould surface resulting in better moulding and avoiding need of intensifier
  • Heat-treated alloy steel tie bars with post-grinding for best geometrical property
  • Ultra-tested platen material
  • Guided moving platen with adjustable shoe for taking heavy mould weights
  • Centralized Motorized lubrication system
  • Screw and barrel made from ultra-tested heat-treated and gas-nitrided En-41 B material from Muesco
  • Swivellable injection unit for fast color change without wasting costly polymers thru purging
  • Double injection cylinder for balanced injection
  • High torque hydraulic motor with thrust housing assembly
  • Multi-stroke hydraulic ejector system with multi-pin facility
  • Rugged-base frame made from MS plates instead of sections for longer life
  • LMPT for mould and screw stroke
  • Proximity switches for ejector, safety gate, carriage stroke and screw RPM
  • LMPT for ejector available as standard in models above 315 T locking
  • Bosch Rexroth hydraulics
  • PQ Block from Bosch Rexroth /Yuken
  • Multi-stage injection, charging and back pressure setting with individual pressure and speed, Self Diagnosis, USB & SD card Port facility
  • Excellent mould safety for best operator and mould safety
  • Screw based on design of Toshiba (Japan) which is best suitable for all engineering as well as commercial plastics
  • Special type screw tip made from tool steel for better mixing as well as back flow prevention
  • Water Manifold for water cooling connections with ease in set up of mould
  • Step assembly for manual hopper loading
  • Low hydraulic oil level and over temperature safety
New Technologies offered (Optional) :
  • Tie bar less clamping
  • Gas Assisted Injection
  Oil free tie bar bushing   Hopper magnet
  LM Guides for moving platen, Injection slide   Hopper loader cum dryer /de-humidifier
  Colour HMI   Energy saving heater cover
  Shutt off Nozzle   PU paint
  Servo Driven Pump   Electronic photocell curtain for operator safety
  Article Take out Robot   Article drop out confirmation safety
  In Mould Labeling   Quick Mould Change systems
  Servo driven screw drive for parallel function   Magnetic mould fixing platens
Advantages of Servo Driven Hydraulic System with Internal Gear Pump :
  Highest Electrical energy saving up to 80% depending upon cycle time
  Silent operation
  Long life of pump, hydraulic oil, and valves
  Smaller size of heat exchanger reducing water consumption and repairs
  Fast response , better moulding results
  Reduction in components
  Better injection holding compared to all electric machines
  Better injection de-compression
  Sensitivity to contamination reduced due to internal gear pump
  No Wear parts like swash plate
  No Pulsating discharge

IMS 32 TO IMS 130
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IMS 200 TO IMS 1250
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Please Note :
Design and specifications may change without prior notice as product development is a continuous process at FLU-TECH.
 We can design and supply machines with customers specifications.
 We can supply machines with Tie bar less design.
 We can supply Two platen type machines with higher tonnage.
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