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Questionnaire For Hydraulic Press

Fill Details in Below Form :

Phone / Mobile No.*
Pressing Force, max Kgf/N
No. of Cylinders  
Return Force Kgf/N
Total Stroke mm
High pressure working stroke mm
Up-stroking / Down Stroking  
Approach Speed mm/sec
Pressing speed mm/sec
Return Speed mm/sec
Operation Mode ---

Load Holding Requirement
By Pilot Check valve
Pressing Platen size mm x mm
Bed Size mm x mm
Die Mounting Facility ---
Construction ---

Close Daylight mm
Open Daylight mm
No. of Daylight mm
Heating Arrangement required ---  
Heating Load  
No. Zones  
Max. Temperature  
Heating media  
Type of Control ---

Maximum curing time range, if any  
Size of molded article in case of    
Compression moulding, mm (LxBxT)  
Material to process  
Specific Pressure for compression bar
Additional Requirement, if any  
In Case of Deep Draw Press ---  
Whether blank holder type or die cushion type  
Max. size of blank  
Max. Shell dia / size  
Max. depth of draw  
Sheet thickness to be drawn  
Material of sheet / UTS of sheet material  
Actual draw force required- if known  
Total capacity of press
(Draw Force + Blank Holder/ Die Cushion Force)
Ejector requirement    
Force Kgf/N
Stroke mm
Multi stroking / Single stroking ---

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